For graduates of Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Manners


This is a great rainy day activity to play with your dog. You will learn how to encourage and guide your dog's natural scenting ability, desire to hunt, and problem solving skills.


Teach your dog to find treats and other items hidden in different places and under different items. Also, teach your dog to track a scent as well as search for hidden people.


This class gives your dog a specific job to do, providing both mental and physical stimulation, while also building confidence.


$95 for four weekly lessons



* Fall Quarter Registration will be available on 8/16 *

Thursdays, 8/31 - 9/21, from 5:15 - 6:15 pm



* If you select REGISTER ONLINE, you will be directed to the Kent Parks online registration system.  If you have taken classes with us before or taken classes through the Kent Parks, registering online is simple.


If you have not, it is generally easier to call the KENT PARKS and register over the phone.  You can also mail in your registration or drop off your registration at Kent Commons.  Please PRINT YOUR REGISTRATION FORM for complete directions.

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